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No More Taxation By Misrepresentation of Compassion!

Enough! The unintended consequences of Liberal stupidity are destroying our economy and just plain pissing me off! As far as I’m concerned, the Liberal Socialist Democrats in Congress no longer get to play the “Compassion Card.” Of all the money those self-serving bastards take from hard-working American citizens, they STILL can’t get enough.

It. isn’t. their. money!!!

Why do we allow ourselves to be financially-strapped by those losers? They have come to see themselves as royalty deserving of power, adulation, and an unlimited allowance of money with which to buy and sell our national soul. This must end.

It is our duty as citizens to rid ourselves of the corrupt members of government who create and fund entitlement programs with our money, claiming they are doing so in the name of compassion. Turning a once productive and independent people into State-dependent ATMs is not compassion.

I want my taxes cut permanently. The government can do without from now on, not my family. The government can cut unnecessary and unneeded agencies, departments, and programs. The government MUST be small again.

I have been trying to think of how we can send a clear message to Washington that its oppression and villainy no longer are acceptable. How do we, the people who make this country work and who pay for it to do so, regain control of our government? There must be a way, short of all out revolution. Violent methods of revolt are not desirable, nor do they work. Ask the Weathermen and any other fringe group that thinks the ends justifies the means.

No, I am asking how do we overthrow the reprehensible members of both parties who have ensconced themselves in positions of power? With a Media that enables and colludes with Liberals to undermine our values and to keep us ignorant of what they are doing, how is such a feat even possible?

We must not allow anymore Liberal policy to be enacted. Time after time, the results of their skewed and pandering legislation has caused great harm to our Republic. Now, we are experiencing incredibly high gas prices and food costs. Ethanol Mandates… repeal them! Oil drilling restrictions… remove them! Environmentalists… shoot any who enter the Halls of Washington in an effort to inject fake science and hippie hoolaganism in political debate.

In short, do the exact OPPOSITE of what they have been doing for the past seventy years.

Socialism does not work. Nor does our current system of pork-barrel leadership. Stop compensating victims of terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, and self-perpetrated financial fraud. Let people fall and stand on their own. As Americans. We are not Europeans, nor do we wish to be.

Stop lying to us, Congressmen and women. You are not being compassionate. You are being tyrannical. And, your days are numbered!


2 thoughts on “No More Taxation By Misrepresentation of Compassion!

  1. LOL@this whole site, it’s no wonder Americans have the reputation they do overseas with nationalistic twats like you about.

  2. Well, it’s a good thing we Americans don’t give a damn what you folks overseas think of us. At least, not us real Americans. I don’t count Liberals.

    Are you one of the multi-culti lemmings who are being raped by the Islamists? Probably. Unlike twat, nationalism is not a four letter word. Take pride in your country, and you just might save it…

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