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Reverend Wright is Still a Racist

Despite the white-washing of the Good Reverend’s image this week by liberal reporters, it is quite obvious that Rev. Wright is a racist. One need listen to only ONE of his comments pertaining to White People, Jews, or about America itself to know this is true.

If a White Conservative Pastor had delivered even one rant in the vein of Wright’s sermons, Blacks would be up in arms crying, “RACIST! He’s gotta gooooo!” But, instead of decrying Wright’s views, the Black Community in America is embracing Rev. Wright as a hero. In effect, they are embracing his message of Black racism and centuries old fury, as well.

Which proves there is a racial divide in this country, and it’s coming from the Black Community’s own leaders.

Is it important for us to know who a potential President has and is associating with? Are you kidding!? DUH! As my mother used to tell me, “Show me who you walk with, and I’ll show you who you are.”

If Barack Hussein Obama has associated with terrorists and radicals on numerous occassions over many years, OF COURSE it matters. Anyone who says otherwise is not only applying a double standard to Mr. Obama because he’s black (and white), but is also a complete dumb ass.

As Obama’s San Francisco speech reveals, politicians like himself have so low regard for Americans, that they think they can dictate what we can or cannot ask or say. Apparently, Obama and his brethren only give lip service to the concept of Free Speech, and only a passing thought of what we might want to know about someone who might be the President of these United States.

Lately, to question Obama’s associations is to be labeled a racist. Well, label away. Being called a racist is not the worst thing that could happen to someone. Especially, when one isn’t a racist. Gads, people, “Sticks and stones…” And, speaking of stones, “Hey, RNC… Get some!

Due Diligence is a necessary and expected part of any business partnership or negotiation. It also applies to how we should vet our candidates.

Now that the fainting spells have ended, and the luster has been tarnished from Obama’s messianic self-image, we can start to learn who he is and what he plans to do for or to this nation. It is too important a decision for voters to make with limited or fabricated information.

Can I get an “Amen!?”


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