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Freedom of Speech or Murder for Musing?

In the liberal mind, art is to controversy as patriotism is to dissent. Eliza Shvarts, a budding feminist moonbat with Kevorkian aspirations, is an Art student at Yale University. Her latest endeavor, a Senior project involving blood, the intentional aborting of fetuses (purportedly) and Saran Wrap, has generated quite a bit of controversy.

While Yale officials claim Ms. Shvarts has only created a work of “creative fiction,” one can only wonder at the mental state of any individual who would claim to have filmed herself in a bath tub inducing multiple miscarriages over the course of a year, after repeatedly impregnating herself. How she planted the seeds of so many in her undeservedly fertile womb is of no interest to me, as the visual imagery invoked so far are too disgusting to dwell on.

When asked their opinion about the project, several respondents said they didn’t want to see Free Speech censored. How they felt about reckless murder wasn’t asked. It is painfully obvious that there are those in our great society who no longer have any concept of morality or decency. Art, contrary to what some would have us believe, does not necessarily involve the desecration of religious figures, the burning of American flags, or the smearing of mensus and destroyed life on big sheets of plastic as projectors loop the disgusting acts of Ms. Shvarts.

Art should communicate and inspire thought. Not disgust. Art should ennoble the human spirit, not degrade it. Art, in short, is everything that secular progressives can’t seem to create. Just as they disdain demonstrations of patriotism as too jingoistic or indulgent, they simply cannot bring themselves to express life’s beauty and the human condition without making a “statement.”

Such statements are usually attended by jars of urine, homoerotic imagery, or indecipherable splotches of paint on a Prius. As with anything attempted by liberals, nothing of lasting value results. Whether it be unsustainable entitlement programs, alternative energy policy (Ethanol), or art, what is Berkeley Chic today ultimately results in the ruination of our country.

Liberals take refuge in claiming they are the only true patriots because they are dissenters. That’s like saying the only true Christian is the one who interrupts a church service and calls the pastor every obscene name in the ACLU handbook; all because the faithful Christian disagreed with the pastor’s sermon.

There’s dissent, and then there’s dissent. What liberals practice is subversion and shock politics. Perhaps it’s because they can’t argue based on facts. Perhaps their innerchild is desperate for attention. Regardless, as I’ve posted before, I not only question liberals’ patriotism, but I also question their sanity.

The next time Ms. Shvarts decides to engage in another controversial act of deviancy, I hope the only audience she manages to attract is comprised of the souls of those poor children she so callously discarded in the pursuit of notoriety and “free speech.”


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