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Going Postal Liberal-Style

Apparently, some unAmerican piece of garbage complained about a six year-old display of U.S. soldiers who have/are serving abroad. This photo display has been up in U.S. post office in Paso Robles, California since 2001. Given the post office’s proximity to Santa Barbara, it shouldn’t be surprising some liberal moonbat called the display “pro-war,” and a “Wall of Shame.”

What is surprising is how absolutely hateful and pathetic that moonbat is to go through the trouble of complaining about these fine soldiers. And, it is equally spineless and pathetic that the spokesman for the U.S. Post Office, Richard Maher, said, “regulations specify that only official postal announcements and other government notices can be put up on the walls. We just cannot put those photos back up, they should not have been up there to begin with.”

This leads me to believe the complainer has some understanding of law and used it to point out “the policy.”

Hmmm… seems the unAmerican moonbat in question might be another narcissistic lawyer. I wonder if s/he is an atheist, as well.  Mix it all together, and what do you get? Can anyone say, “ACLU?”

One thing is certain: the PoG just loves hating the Military and our Country.  Here’s an idea: Let’s put him/her against the post office wall and shoot the PoG for treason!


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