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Oxymoron #2007: “Journalistic Integrity”

When a country’s Fourth Estate behaves in a fascist manner, how free can that country truly be? Were it not for the rise of the Fifth Estate, I shudder to think what we common citizens of this fine country would have to do in order to find out actual facts surrounding politics and current events. Research on our own using available source documents? No, that takes too much time for the average person to undertake. Especially when we have to work over half the year in order to fund myriad social programs for poverty-stricken citizens and illegal aliens. Do we have to bribe reporters for the truth? No, that would be unethical. Should we offer them blow jobs? That should okay. After all, the potential next First Lady B.J. Clinton said a blow job isn’t sex.

But what if we aren’t interested in engaging in rainbow activities to get “just the facts, Ma’am?” Well, thank God for Algore!

Had he not invented the Internet, we would not now have a means of disputing all of the Socialist-funded, sky-is-falling, junk science fed to us on a daily basis by our primary source of information- the Mainstream Media. And, this includes such liberal pap as Al’s highly touted and highly over-rated theatrical slide show on Global Incineration. In fact, without the prescience of the Goracle, we wouldn’t have a blogosphere at all. And that would be disasterous for us truth-seekers. For, along with Conservative talk radio, the blogosphere has exposed the MSM for the salacious, agenda-driven, anti-American apparati that it is.

The blogosphere has been around since time immemorial. But it wasn’t until the nineties, when graphical web pages first became prevalent, that the blogosphere really was “conceived.” By the time of the First Iraq War, the blogosphere left its embryonic stage. After 9/11, the blogosphere grew exponentially, into its current late-term incarnation. I only hope that advocates of ‘Choice’ don’t set their sights on the Internet. A new movement is about to be born, and I’d hate to hear the sawing and vacuuming that would accompany the death of our only real means of accurate information and free expression.

It is now quite apparent just how oppressed we are in this country. And no, not by that nasty ol’ Bush ‘regime.’ But by the MSM itself. And, we have been oppressed for a very long time.

Reportage on television and print has become sanitized, filtered, and mass produced. All the news that’s fit to print is generated by a few call-it-in reporters who then disseminate their Liberal-approved product through countless news outlets. Where news was once documented firsthand, onsite, and then thoroughly vetted and reported objectively, it is now primarily editorialized, and partially fabricated, by fabulists employed by the Gray Lady and members of her elitist circle.

What is the truth anymore? Under whose lens will we continue to be forced to view it? Historical events have been skewed and rewritten so many times by members of the Mainstream Media, that I’m no longer sure if Cinco de Mayo is a holiday to commemorate the deliciousness of a sandwich condiment, the Independence  of Mexico from France and Spain,  or the achievements of five stem cell researchers in a clinic in Rochester.


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