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Moveon.borg: Resistance Isn’t Futile

The Left looooves to call those on the Right, “Nazis.” Anytime it sees or hears something it disagrees with, the Left gets apoplectic and indignant, and starts calling people names. Who are the real Nazis, though?

The Crush Rush Democrats are really looking foolish in their current campaign to reinstitute the misnamed, Fairness Doctrine. If ever a group behaved in a fascist manner, it is the the far Left radicals who populate the Congressional Democrat Party, as well as the nutroots smear groups like Moveon.org and Media Matters for America. These are the 21st Century Fascists. Which is surprising to them because they claim that only they stand for freedom of speech and civil liberties. Their actions prove a different reality.

It is surreal how Senators Reid and Pelosi, with straight faces, project onto others what they themselves are guilty of. Talk radio host Michael Savage is not wrong when he declares Liberalism is a mental disorder. There is no other explanation for the unmitigated gall the Left has for continually lying and distorting. All, while lying and distorting.

These moonbats must really think. we’re. stupid!

The Right is every bit as fallible as the Left. No doubt about it. But, dear God, just how far do the liberals think they can take things before karma finally walks up and bitchslaps them into unconsciousness? Enough is enough. We must publically challenge everything these fascists claim. 99% of the time, it’s an outright lie. The other 1% of the time, it is merely a distortion. In short, nothing liberals say can be taken at face value.

The only hope for the Republican Party is if its leaders start to exhibit character and vociferously promote REAL American Values.  The Left has none. At least no values regular Americans care to hold. The “San Francisco values” exported by Madame Speaker Pelosi most certainly are not worth promoting; though she and the Pink Mafias are trying their damnedest to force us to swallow them.

Well, Pelosi can stick her San Francisco values where the sun don’t shine. The Sixties are long past done, and the sorry remnants of that time should be relegated to the scrap books of history (along with the water bongs the liberals must still be sucking on). For forty years, the Left has dictated the terms of discourse in our country. And, our culture has been cheapened for it.

Free sex, free drugs, free health care! Anything… Anything but true free speech. Because the second we utter a politically-incorrect opinion… It’s off to the clink for some trumped up “Hate Crime” charge. We don’t need or want such forces of fascism and cultural perversion in our country.

We must resist.

I don’t like to be lied to. And, I like being told what I can say, think, or ‘feel’ even less. It’s time to resist the fascists. Some of the most fascist of all not only wear pink, but rainbow colors, as well. There isn’t an aspect of society that isn’t being dictated to by the Gay activist community. When someone does something they don’t like, they, too, call names and besmirch their perceived enemies. Most of the time, their antics go beyond rational discourse. And, when that happens, regular people get freaked out and scurry away from the nutroots.

The reason is because you cannot rationally debate an irrational group. Feelings, not logic, are their only means of expressing themselves. And, since feelings are personal and subjective, whatever they think or say MUST be true, right? When faced with facts and logical arguments, what does a liberal do? S/he looks around for the nearest digital video camera and starts screaming, “Don’t tase me, bro!”


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